Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ah Real Life. gets in the way of SL sometimes. That's not always a bad thing. When you get back to it, most of your landmarked stores have new stuff! In RL, you can't drag me into a clothing store. In SL...I go willingly (even happily).

Stuff in RL that just makes the sands of available time for SL run out before you realize it:

1 - Netflicks subscription.

2 - The sudden need to re-watch all of "Firefly".

3 - Family needing you to watch their house.

4 - (In my case) Major bibliophilia flare-up (that would be an all consuming need to read a bunch of books).

5 - Guests from out of town.

But hey, I'll probably be back and be-bopping along in my avatar self soon enough. Real Life must always run it's course. :)

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